Marilyn Musgrave’s Letter to Colorado House of Representatives



Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
P.O. Box 3114
Denver, Colorado 80201

April 2, 1997

Dear Rocky Mountain Gun Owners:

Last week I had a conversation with NRA lobbyist Mary Anne Bradfield, the state liaison for Colorado.

Ms. Bradfield echoed the comments of Steve Schreiner of the Firearms Coalition of Colorado, who rudely told me that any attempt to amend Senate Bill 96 with a “Vermont Law” would be viewed as anti-gun. Ms. Bradfield was even brash enough to threaten me with lowering my NRA rating, telling her members that I am anti-gun.

In 1996, I carried a “Vermont Law” amendment to the concealed carry bill. I am proud that we got 18 votes for this measure and forced legislators to stand and be counted.

Also in 1996, I signed a pledge in a candidate survey by the Firearms Coalition of Colorado and Gun Owners of America to support the “Vermont Law”.

I pledge to support the “Vermont Law” (i.e. carrying concealed without government permit) because I believe wholeheartedly in our right to personal protection.

It is outrageous that an NRA lobbyist would suggest that voting to make it easier for citizens to carry a firearm is “anti-gun”.

Am I to believe that the NRA rates lawmakers based on their willingness to comply with a lobbyist’s wishes, no matter how inane? That would come to a shock to NRA members, who expect ratings to reflect a candidate’s views and record on supporting the Second Amendment.

I may represent the most pro-gun district in the state of Colorado, and I assure you that I support the Second Amendment, regardless of the rantings of lobbyists wishing to set public policy behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny.

I know that Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is not afraid of public scrutiny of their legislative agenda. I hope this information is useful.

Marilyn Musgrave
State Representative Marilyn Musgrave
House District 65