MO: 2A Sanctuary Bill Heads to Governor!

Back in February, we sent out messages pertaining to the Second Amendment Sanctuary bill, HB 85, that was moving in Missouri.

Finally, as of last week, HB 85 has passed through both chambers of the Missouri legislature and is heading to Governor Parson’s desk!

As a reminder, this Second Amendment Sanctuary bill, sponsored by Rep. Jered Taylor (R), is challenging President Biden’s intention to impose a gun control agenda that will restrict your 2A rights.

If HB 85 is enacted, it will require state and local government officials to NOT enforce ANY federal gun control laws, or to assist federal officials in doing so. This will make it significantly less likely for federal gun laws to actually be enforced in Missouri.

While we hope Governor Mike Parson is planning to sign this bill, we need YOUR help to tell him how important it is that he do so!

So please use our pre-written email to urge Governor Parson to enact HB 85 and make Missouri a 2A Sanctuary!