Second Amendment Sanctuary Bills Heading to Senate Floor!

Just last week, we sent out messages pertaining to the Second Amendment Sanctuary bills (HB 85/SB 39) that were moving in Missouri.

Since then, HB 85 has come out of committee and PASSED in the House with a total of 103 “Yes” votes and only 43 “No” votes!

As a reminder, this Second Amendment Sanctuary bill, sponsored by Rep. Jered Taylor (R), is challenging President Biden’s intention to impose a gun control agenda that will restrict your 2A rights.

If HB 85 is enacted, it will require state and local government officials to NOT enforce ANY federal gun control laws, or to assist federal officials in doing so. This will make it significantly less likely for federal gun laws to actually be enforced in Missouri.

We at GOA are helping to push HB 85, but we need YOUR help! Do not allow your Senators to let this bill die in their chamber and never take a vote on it!

At this point, Senate backers of this legislation are still not sure which bill will move — either HB 85 or SB 39.

So please urge your State Senator to bring the Second Amendment Sanctuary bill to the floor and to VOTE YES on this important legislation!