Help stop the voter gun ban!

I am writing to alert you to LD 805, a bill that will restrict your ability to carry firearms.

LD 805 is sponsored by Senator Cathy Breen (D) and allows municipalities to ban the carrying of firearms while voting.

LD 805 is scheduled for a public hearing next week.

That’s right, Senator Breen does not want you to exercise your Second Amendment rights and your right to vote at the same time.

Senator Breen wants to make polling places safe for criminals, terrorists and other miscreants by disarming the law-abiding.  Even election workers will be denied the right to armed self-defense.

We have not been able to find even a single, DOCUMENTED case of firearms owners causing any problems or committing any crimes while voting.

This is the sort of infringement on your rights that we normally see in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. Not Maine.

The gun ban elites want to stop you from carrying your self defense tools.  Here’s what you can do to help.

The Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government has scheduled a public hearing for April 12, 2021 at 10AM.

Due to COVID-19, all hearings are being conducted remotely. So please click here to sign up.

You will need to navigate through a few menus to select the State and Local Government Committee, then April 12, then LD 805.

Politely insist that you have a right, under both the Maine and US Constitutions, to carry a firearm anytime and anywhere, but especially so when exercising your right to vote.

Please use the form above to tell the Committee that you expect them to vote LD 805 “ought not to pass.”  This bill cannot be fixed — the underlying principle is as repugnant as a poll tax, so NO amendments will be acceptable.

Whether or not you participate in the hearing, please click here to email all members of the Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government and let them know that you are strongly opposed to Senator Breen’s attempt to take away your God-given right to be armed.