Massacre at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California was in another Gun-free zone: 12 murdered, 18 injured

At least twelve people were murdered and 18 injured at a bar in Ventura County last night. Our hearts go out to those who lost loved family members or friends in the attack. We can’t imagine what is going through the minds on parents.

California issues very few concealed handgun permits and Ventura County is below the state per capita average rate, but permitted concealed handguns are banned in bars and other places where the primary source of revenue is from serving alcohol. Below is a picture of the first page of the concealed handgun permit application for California.

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It appears unlikely that the security guard at the bar was armed, but people who are recognized as security guards have an incredibly difficult job stopping these attacks. The same is true for the sheriff sergeant who entered the bar to stop the attack. If these mass public shooters see someone in uniform or someone who is identified as a guard, those guards are the first person killed because these attackers know that once the guard is killed, they will have free reign to kill others.

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