Lil’ Chucky Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin
by Larry Pratt
Executive Director

The Constitution Party candidate for President in 2008 is Chuck Baldwin.

Baldwin is a talk show host and pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. He is also a life member of Gun Owners of America — making him the only current presidential candidate to hold that distinction.

He frequently plugs GOA when his columns touch on Second Amendment issues. A few years ago, he had me speak at a patriotic celebration held at his church.

Baldwin has compiled a number of America’s key documents, some of which were not readily available. After a year of searching, he published The Freedom Documents, which includes some obvious selections such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But other, less well-known documents, are also included — documents such as The Fundamental Orders of 1639, Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms, the Paris Peace Treaty and John Adams’ Inaugural Address.

Among those buying Baldwin’s book is the Tennessee Supreme Court which ordered several copies.

Baldwin won the 2008 Constitution Party nomination for President after a spirited challenge from former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes. The Party is in the process of getting ballot access in as many states as possible.

Interested readers can see Baldwin’s stance on the Second Amendment by going to or by viewing this Youtube Video.