Pro-Gun Bill heads to Governor’s Desk in Idaho!

HB 206 is on the way to Gov. Brad Little’s desk!

Call Gov. Brad Little at 208-334–2100 and urge him to sign HB 206!

Urge your Governor to Support Pro-Gun Bill

Thanks to the activism of gun owners across the Gem State, HB 206, a bill to restore full Constitutional Carry to Idaho’s 18-20-year-old adults, passed out of the Idaho Senate by a 28-7 vote.

Now the bill heads to Gov. Brad Little’s desk.

Please call him immediately at 208-334–2100 and urge him to SIGN HB 206!

It’s important that gun owners act quickly to get this bill over the finish line.

So please call Gov. Little and urge him to sign HB 206 and expand freedom in Idaho!