Homeowner Holds Burglar at Gunpoint

Armed OK homeowner forces burglar to crawl outside and wait for police at gunpoint

A Yukon, Oklahoma homeowner came eye-to-eye with an attempted burglary suspect.

The resident was armed and forced the culprit to the ground, detaining him until police showed up, News 9 reported.

After retrieving his weapon, Davenport opened his garage door slowly. The burglar was just standing there looking back at him.

Davenport followed the intruder, later identified as Jared Bennett, who fled into Davenport’s backyard.

Davenport held the gun to Bennett, ordered him to the ground, and instructed him to crawl to the front yard. …

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Searching for help while still detaining the intruder, Davenport saw a jogger who came to his aid and called 911.

The jogger told 911 dispatch: “Yes we have an emergency, there was a guy breaking into a house in our addition and he’s being held at gunpoint on the ground.”…

“She came down and helped me, helped a stranger with a gun pointing at someone else, so she’s pretty brave,” Davenport said.

Bennett was arrested at the scene.

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