Help Derail Biden’s Pistol Brace Ban

Biden’s Pistol Brace Rule just got officially released today – meaning millions of lawful Americans will be turned into felons if they don’t register, turn-in, or destroy their firearms.

We will not stand for this, and neither will our allies in Congress. But they need to know about this before they take action. So take action yourself and message them now!

We’ve been working for months behind the scenes, studying the different ways that we can stop this insanity from Biden’s ATF. Thankfully, we’ve convinced a member in the House and Senate to introduce legislation which can repeal Biden’s rule, called a Congressional Review Act, or CRA. But legislation means nothing unless it’s voted upon.

So we need you to urge your representatives in the House and Senate to take up the CRA and vote on it. Message your officials now!

If enough of you speak up, politicians who normally drag their feet will message their leadership that they want to vote on this as soon as possible. If you’re loud enough, we may even get some moderate anti-gunners to cast pro-gun votes –because this will be a tough issue for anti-gun officials from pro-gun states.

Gun owners can score a major win with this legislation, but it only will happen if your officials feel the need to vote on it. So message them NOW!