GOA to score upcoming votes on Fix NICS

GOA to Score Vote on Omnibus if Fix NICS is Attached

March 12, 2018

Dear Representative:

Gun Owners of America will score any vote to include Fix NICS into the omnibus as an anti-gun vote.

And this includes scoring the vote on the rule, if Fix NICS is part of the spending bill.

As you know, GOA is completely supportive of concealed reciprocity, but strongly opposes the Fix NICS provision. And we were dismayed to see there was support among House Republicans to pass this gun control provision in December.

Nevertheless, the Republican leadership committed at that time to discard any vehicle which came to the House with Fix NICS gun control, but without reciprocity.

The letter circulated by Rep. Ted Budd, and signed by dozens of Republicans, further emphasized there was opposition to pushing Fix NICS-only among Republican members.

But now we are hearing there is a possibility that Fix NICS, without reciprocity, may be added to the House Omnibus bill.

If this were to happen, our members would consider it the vilest form of betrayal. They would see this new effort to pass Fix NICS as a vote to kill concealed carry reciprocity.

The base would conclude, correctly, that reciprocity is nothing but a cynical tool used by members who have no intention of passing it — and that the GOP is more than willing to join in the narrative that American gun owners are responsible for Parkland, and that disarming them will prevent further incidents.

We believe that, when the leadership gives their word, members and outside groups should be able to trust that commitment.

So if it turns out that members of the leadership have not dealt honorably with us on Fix NICS, we will fight back with every House and Senate parliamentary tool at our disposal.

And we are prepared to go against the responsible parties in November, even at the risk that the GOP could lose the House.

If you think that supporting compromise positions will garner extra votes, consider how Senator Marco Rubio was treated during the CNN town hall just a couple of weeks ago.

Despite his support for myriads of gun control proposals, he was effectively booed off the stage for “not supporting enough” infringements.

Again, I encourage you to oppose the inclusion of Fix NICS into the omnibus.

To see how Fix NICS would result in massive gun bans — for military veterans, seniors, people with outstanding traffic tickets or medical marijuana cards, etc. — go here.

GOA will score a vote on Fix NICS — if there is such an effort to attach it to the omnibus — and will treat that effort as a vote to kill concealed carry reciprocity.

As stated above, this will also include our scoring the vote for the rule on the omnibus.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director