GOA Asks Members To Comment On ATF Considering Bump Stock Ban








GOA Asks Members To Comment On ATF Considering Bump Stock Ban

Should the ATF reconsider regulating bump stocks? That’s the question the bureau is considering right now, which is something asked for by the National Rifle Association.

Well, they’re thinking about it, and they want feedback from the public. To that end, Gun Owners of America seems to be calling out the troops to try and combat the massive overreach. In an email:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has requested comments from gun owners like you on pending regulations that could ban bump stocks.

Gun Owners of America URGENTLY needs you to speak up by the January 25th deadline set by the ATF and help us incinerate this proposal before it even hits the House floor.

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The proposal to ban bump stocks is nothing but a political game orchestrated by politicians like Nancy Pelosi. Most gun owners don’t even own bump stocks, but Pelosi knows that the second Republicans give her an inch, she’ll take a yard and stab them in the back.

This is a dangerous slippery slope that we absolutely cannot cross. This is exactly why Gun Owners of America has officially taken a no-compromise stance.

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