Detroit Pastor Shoots Church Attacker, Saves Congregation

Detroit Pastor Shoots Church Attacker, Saves Congregation

The pastor of a small storefront church in Detroit was forced to shoot a 25-year-old man to defend his congregation during a service yesterday afternoon after the man came in and threatened them with a brick:

A pastor shot and killed a man armed with a brick during a church service on Sunday after the man threatened parishioners at the City of God Church on Detroit’s west side, according to police.

The shooting happened inside the church on Grand River Avenue around 1:45 p.m.

The 25-year-old man stormed into the church during a service wielding a brick. Police say the man was well known by the congregation and especially the pastor.

The 36-year-old pastor pulled out a gun and shot the man multiple times. Authorities say the pastor had been trying to help the man, but those efforts had gone south.

Investigators said four or five shots were fired from the Glock handgun.

“The suspect entered the church, he allegedly had a brick in his hand and was threatening the pastor,” said Asst. Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt. “We’ve had a previous incident, at least one, and the pastor filed a police report.”

The man was taken to the Botsford Hospital and was pronounced dead.

Authorities said the man has a history of threatening the pastor and members of the congregation.

The pastor is being questioned at police headquarters.

Authorities seem to believe that there is little doubt that the shooting was indeed a legitimate case of armed self-defense, but the video report suggests that there may be some question as to whether the pastor had the gun legally within the church.

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