Homeowner shoots and kills 2 possible intruders in SE Albuquerque

Homeowner shoots and kills 2 possible intruders in SE Albuquerque

A homeowner shot and killed two people Monday just before 10 p.m. near Gibson and Washington SE.

Albuquerque police said one person died at the scene and one died after being transported to a local hospital.

APD spokesperson Tanner Tixier said there is possibly a third outstanding suspect, a man who left in a white sedan – possibly a Mazda.

The homeowner is being questioned by police as to what happened, but is not being called a suspect at this time.

Police said they were originally called to the location for a possible home invasion.

“It’s been an extremely tiresome weekend for our not only foot service officers, but our homicide detectives. This is their third homicide call out for the weekend,” Tixier said. “It’s been a busy weekend and we are working our way through it.”

Tixier said officers had another man – aside from the homeowner – in custody. The man crashed into an officer’s vehicle near the scene of the crime.

Tixier said police didn’t know if the man was involved or fled because he heard gunshots and accidentally hit the officer’s vehicle.

KOB talked to two neighbors who have lived for six years directly behind the home where the shooting happened.

Anthony Duran was sitting on his porch as the shooting took place.

“I heard somebody go in the house and I thought it was the cops, but after that, I heard the three shots and I dove on the ground because I didn’t know…” Duran said.

He and his wife, Geraldine, were among the first to check on their neighbor immediately after the shooting.

“We just heard the gunshots and we…got curious because we heard somebody crying. So I climbed up on the stairs to look over the fence to see who was crying, if they needed some help.”

The Durans said that a woman at the house and the homeowner were both in tears.