Shotgun-wielding robber killed by pistol packing pharmacist

Shotgun-wielding robber killed by pistol packing pharmacist

A robbery suspect is dead and his accomplice charged with homicide after an attempted robbery Friday was thwarted by a pharmacist armed with a 9mm pistol in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

The suspect was wearing what was described as a frightening Halloween mask and concealing a shotgun covered by a partially opened umbrella. He entered the pharmacy around 10 a.m. as his accomplice sat in a getaway van parked outside the front entrance.

But the owner of Pennsbury Pharmacy, Kenneth Lee, saw the suspect approaching, tripped a silent alarm and yelled out at him, warning him that he was armed and not to enter the store. The suspect did not heed Lee’s warning and continued to advance toward him. When the suspect aimed the shotgun in Lee’s direction, the pharmacist opened fire on the would-be robber, striking him numerous times. Lee was the only one in the pharmacy at the time and was uninjured.

Meanwhile, the getaway driver was unaware of what had transpired inside. Falls Township Police Lieutenant Henry Ward told local media the second suspect would have had the opportunity to flee had he known what happened, but he didn’t. Officers arrived on the scene within about two minutes, and quickly surrounded the getaway van, which was determined to be stolen out of New Jersey and occupied by the second suspect, identified as 54-year-old Kim Goldsboro, The Inquirer reported. He was taken into custody without further incident.

Ward confirmed the first suspect, later identified as Willie A. Bozarth, 33, was pronounced dead inside the pharmacy. Goldsboro now faces robbery charges as well as criminal homicide for Bozarth’s death.