CO: Shall Not Be Infringed! Don’t Compromise Our Rights Away!

The Blind Leading the Bind!

Once Again, The Colorado House Has Failed to Hold the Line & Defend Your God-Given Rights!

In the first engagement of this legislative session’s battle to preserve what remains of our God-given right to defend life, liberty, and property with commonly held arms within Colorado, the House Republicans offered a decisively muddled resistance. If that were not bad enough, they boldly displayed a clear lack of even the most rudimentary understanding of the First Principles of our Nation.

The floor debate on Monday surrounded the blatantly unconstitutional infringements contained within House Bill 23-1165. In short, the sole purpose of this bill is to arbitrarily prohibit land holders from exercising their God-given right to engage in constitutionally protected conduct on their privately held property.

Sadly, it was evident from the floor debate, which you are encouraged to watch here (2:49:11-4:14:33), that legislators within what remains of the impotent Colorado Republican party consider your God-given rights as mere commodities to be traded away if they get an amendment that temporarily carves out an exemption for their particular hobby horse.

The Compromiser in Chief, Representative Richard Holtorf (R, HD63), was particularly enthusiastic about the bill’s infringements when he got an amendment that exempted individuals engaged in lawful hunting, livestock rearing, and wildlife management. It seems that, for RINOs like Holtorf, Coloradans can only exercise their God-given rights on their privately owned property if they are engaged in some form of agriculture or hunting.

Naturally, the right to defend one’s life or to engage in target practice on private property in prudent support of that right, is not dependent on whether one is a farmer, rancher, or hunter. While there is a clear divide between the urban and rural areas within Colorado, our God-given rights do not recognize arbitrary boundaries placed upon the citizenry by an unjust government.

It is plainly evident that this legislation is meant to strip an individual of the ability to exercise these “blessings of liberty.” Laws which deny individuals the ability to engage in constitutionally protected conduct under the guise of public safety, or noise nuisance, are a blatant violation of the rights gifted to them by God and protected under the Second Amendment to the Federal Compact, as well as the Colorado State Constitution.

It is within this fundamental issue of First Principles that the Colorado Republican party is woefully lacking. It is shameful that these “legislators” are not only wanting in basic knowledge of the principles that form the core pillars of our Constitutional Republic, but they also lack the crucial ability to articulate constitutionally sound arguments with which to defend our rights!

A few representatives, Bottoms (R, HD15), DeGraaf (R, HD22), Luck (R, HD60), and Winters (R, HD47), clumsily and briefly danced around those essential constitutional arguments. Despite that lifeless effort, it seems that most of the remaining House Republicans do not comprehend the fact that the government does not have the constitutionally proscribed authority to regulate constitutionally protected conduct on privately held property.

Overall, the Republicans engaged in only a token debate and put up no real opposition to the Left’s obsession with stripping you of your God-given right to “keep and bear arms!”

If we wish to have a rebirth of freedom within Colorado, it must begin within each of us. Once we understand the First Principles that govern our liberties, along with the implied civic duties, the next step is to hold our elected officials accountable for their failure to defend our rights.

The truth is that “We the People” must demand that our elected officials adhere to the oath that they swore before God to uphold and defend our liberties.

From Monday’s disgraceful performance, it is clearly evident to all that the Republican Party in Colorado only serves as controlled opposition to provide the semblance of resistance to keep us in our place.

Colorado, are You Going to Stand for Such Obviously Gutless Surrendering of Your God-given Rights?

Let’s send a strongly worded notice to these spineless legislators telling them that you demand that they Hold the Line and Defend Liberty!

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