Citizen Armed With Handgun Wounds Many

On March 6, 1915, a man by the name of Monroe Phillips, who was apparently a well established businessman in Brunswick, GA, went on a killing spree after losing a significant amount of money in a business deal.

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The New York Times ran the story on March 7, 1915. You can download the entire article in PDF format from the New York Times archives by clicking this link (Link no longer available). According to that article:

Angered by losses in a real estate deal, Monroe Phillips, a lead business man, ran amuck today with an automatic shotgun and killed five men and wounded twenty others before he himself was killed. Phillips was shot dead by E.C. Butts, a lawyer, while he was trying to fire upon citizens who appeared in the street. …

Mr. Butts, who had been struck by a shot from Phillip’s gun, rushed to a hardware store and obtained a pistol. He began firing at the crazed timber dealer. A bullet from the lawyer’s pistol finally struck Phillips and he fell to the sidewalk, dying within a few minutes. …

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