Bump stock ban is Pandora’s box for gun control

The box has, for now, been opened. The Trump administration announced today that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker signed the bump stock ban, a move that has been anticipated for a while. I say Pandora’s box has been opened “for now” because 2nd Amendment advocates like Gun Owners of America are filing lawsuits against the DOJ and ATF in hopes the courts will reverse the action.

This may end up being the most important set of lawsuits pertaining to protection of the 2nd Amendment in our lifetimes…

I’m not alone in my concerns. Gun Owners of America have already included protections for semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 in their list of grievances against the reinterpreted statute. Here’s the problem they and I are seeing. An AR-15 can be bump-fired by an experienced user without any attachments at all. If a DOJ under the control of an alleged 2nd Amendment Republican President is reinterpreting the statute in this way, it’s a near certainty that a future gun-control friendly administration can use this loophole to ban a whole lot more. They can ban other accessories that assist in rapid firing. They could use this move as a launching pad for further gun control legislation. They could use either the new interpretation or additional legislation to make semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 illegal…

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Most who support this ban will invoke the progressive mentality that bump stocks aren’t needed for hunting or self-protection. They’ll ignore the primary reason for the 2nd Amendment in the first place, which is having a citizenry that can defend itself against tyranny.

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