GOA Member Benefits

GOA has the best members who are always ready to protect, defend and restore the Second Amendment.

Without you and your generosity, it would be impossible to do the things we do. We hope you enjoy these GOA membership benefits and exclusives.


WPSN is a pro-freedom and censor free streaming service offering training, entertaining shows, and news. Join WPSN to help combat Big Tech and defend our first and second amendment rights.

Use code GOA10 to get 10% off your first year.

stream uncensored shows and news

Time to Concealed Carry in Style!

Cameleon Bags

Cameleon Bags are the gold standard for concealed carry bags. They offer many modern and fashionable styles. And they believe firmly in the right to self-defense and have a love and passion for the Second Amendment.

We are proud to have GOA’s very first partner offer, an exclusive discount to our ever-growing membership base. GOA members receive a special discount when they use code GOA at checkout.

Pick up a concealed carry bag for yourself or the gun-toting lady in your life!


Defender Coffee

Defender Coffee GOA Roast: Nothing wakes you up in the morning like a good cup of coffee. Now you can wake up with a great cup of coffee that help protect and restore your Second Amendment rights! You can have it all with Defender Coffee’s GOA Roast.

Use code: No-Compromise for discount.



Wine and Dine without lining the pockets of the Radical Left!

The Lodge Winery

Do you love California wine and olive oil but hate supporting liberal indoctrination? The Lodge Winery and Olive Oil Company is Pro-Second Amendment and actively supports your rights! This Award-winning Napa Valley Wine is made by a hunter and 2A advocate Arron Johnson. Not only will you get a discount, but they donate a portion of every product sold to GOA so that we can continue our fight. Use Code GOA at checkout to receive 10% off your order.



Remora logo

Remora holsters are made in the USA and designed to be both durable and comfortable. Remora believes in GOA’s No Compromise mission, as we work to protect and restore the Second Amendment. This Florida-based company prides themselves in joining the fight and providing great products for your EDC. Use code NOCOMPROMISE for 15% discount & free shipping.



Accufire logo

Accufire is an innovative optics company who’s passionate about the Second Amendment and providing their customers with the tools they need (and want). Use Code: GOA for an exclusive discount when you buy using the code. Accufire is donating a percentage of the order to GOA. It’s a win/win situation!

Accufire Optics


Prime Armor logo

Prime Armor makes high quality body armor and tactical gear. This company is based out of the great state of Texas and has a strong passion for the Second Amendment. GOA members get an exclusive discount: use code GOA.

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Blackout Coffee's "No Compromise" roast

Nothing wakes you up to fight tyrants like a cup of BlackOut Coffee’s GOA roast. Each cup will remind you to send that email or call your rep to say that you support the Second Amendment. It has enough caffeine to help you get to the range after a long day and tastes great. You can’t beat it. Grab a box or twenty this Christmas!

Get your “No Compromise” coffee