09/95 HR 2020 Update Part 1

Congress Could Give BATF a Pay Raise
— Calls needed to protest

by Gun Owners of America

(Tuesday, September 12) — Several Congressmen will begin meeting tomorrow in a House-Senate conference committee to decide the final budget figures for the BATF (H.R. 2020). Earlier this summer, the House gave the BATF a $6 million increase, but the Senate later voted to cut their pay by $7 million. We need to contact the conference committee members and encourage them to go with the Senate figures cutting the BATF budget.

Conference Committee Members for the
Treasury Appropriations (including BATF)

Senators Phone Fax

Shelby (AL) * 224-5744 224-3416
Mikulski (MD) 224-4654 224-8858
Kerrey (NE) 224-6551 224-7645
Gregg (NH) 224-3324 224-4952
Hatfield (OR) 224-3753 224-0276
Jeffords (VT) 224-5141 228-0338
Byrd (WV) 224-3954 228-0002

Representatives Phone Fax BATF pay decrease **

Lightfoot (IA)* 225-3806 225-6973 Against
Kingston (GA) 225-5831 226-2269 Against
Visclosky (IN) 225-2461 225-2493 Against
Livingston (LA) 225-3015 225-0739 Against
Hoyer (MD) 225-4131 225-4300 Against
Forbes (NY) 225-3826 225-4313 Against
Istook (OK) 225-2132 226-1463 Against
Coleman (TX) 225-4831 225-4825 Against
Wolf (VA) 225-5136 225-0437 Against
Obey (WI) 225-3365 225-3240 Against

* Chairman of the respective Treasury Appropriations
subcommittees in each house. The Treasury Appropriations
subcommittees handle the BATF budget.

** Vote on BATF pay decrease. On July 19, 1995, the House of
Representatives defeated an amendment to H.R. 2020 that would
have limited funding for the BATF. Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID),
author of the amendment, said her provision would prevent "any
member of ATF rom receiving any bonuses or salary rewards this
year until the Waco and the Ruby Ridge and other investigations
have been concluded." Members who voted "Against" the Chenoweth
amendment effectively opposed efforts to limit BATF funds for

Note: All numbers (for phone and fax) begin with "202." Fax
numbers are the most current that GOA has. If a number has been
changed, call and ask their office for the new number. GOA
would be appreciative if you faxed us the new


Call Senator Richard Shelby, and the Representative or Senator in your state. Urge them to go with the Senate figures for the BATF appropriations. You could mention that even the Senate cut is not enough; that the BATF should be put on the chopping block. Nevertheless, we do not need to give them a pay increase (which the House version does).

In addition to calling the legislators near you, it is important to call Sen. Shelby for two reasons. First, he is co-chairman of this conference committee. Second, he has been an outspoken critic of the BATF, and thus, he is in a good position to insist that the conference committee adopt the Senate figures.

Note: One can also call any of the above members by dialing 1-800-962-3524 or 1-800-872-8513.