07/95 BATF Budget Increase

BATF Budget Update

by Gun Owners of America

(July 19, 1995) — Several of you have reported that Congressional staffers are telling you the BATF budget is being cut. Be wary of this statement!

Offices which contain specific budget information have told GOA that the original budget for BATF is rising from $385 in 1995 to $391 million in 1996. As we mentioned in our previous alert, these figures do not include supplemental funds. Sources indicate that with supplemental funds, the BATF is receiving $420 million for 1995. Obviously, the $391 million that BATF will receive in 1996 is less than the total funding for 1995.

BUT, how can one be sure that BATF will not receive supplemental funds for 1996? With one year and half left in this Congress, that is a very real possibility. (The House already passed a supplemental increase in funds for the BATF shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing.) Because supplemental funding can not be anticipated, it seems more prudent to use a common standard; to compare the original budgets. (Sources tell us the original BATF budget for 1995 was $385 million; the 1996 budget is $391 million.)

Here’s a summary of the above points:

1995 current budget (without supplemental funds)   $385 million
1995 current budget (with supplemental funds) $420 million

1996 budget (to be voted on today) $391 million
1996 budget (with supplemental funds) (to be determined

Having said this, don’t let your Congressman off the hook! Even if you assume that BATF will not receive any more supplemental funds for 1996, they are ONLY receiving a cut of $29 million ($420 million – $391 million).

This is peanuts compared to what they deserve! Congress needs to slash the BATF’s funds, not keep them at a level that is almost the status quo.

The numbers for Capitol Hill are 1-800-962-3524, 1-800-872-8513 and 202-225-3121.