ATF Honcho Backs GOA’s Warning

Former ATF Honcho Backs GOA’s Warning On Bump Stock Regulation

If the ATF is able to regulate away bump stocks despite there being no legal grounds to do so, then that creates a precedent that other agencies can use down the road.

Former ATF Honcho Backs GOA’s Warning On Bump Stock Regulation

There’s no doubt that few things are as controversial as bump stocks right now. Even a lot of people who are ostensibly Second Amendment supporters are in favor of regulating the hell out of the things following the horror of Las Vegas. However, even if regulation is to happen, it needs to be done the right way, and that means the ATF needs to be left out of this completely at this point.

Yesterday, the Gun Owners of America sent out a press release showing that a former honcho at the ATF agrees.

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This is a very slippery slope being considered by the ATF, and not just because of the threat to firearms. If a regulatory agency like the ATF can decide to reclassify something on a whim like this, what other regulatory bodies can do the same? Can the EPA then decide to ban cars because of emissions? Can the SEC decide that you can’t have a 401K until you’re 35?

Yes, these are extreme examples that aren’t likely to occur, but part of why they’re unlikely to happen is because these agencies don’t have the authority to do any of these things. It’s part of that whole “checks and balances” thing our Founding Fathers were so fond of. They can’t do it, so no one even considers doing it.

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