Constitutional Carry Passes Both Houses in Mississippi

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Senate Adds Pro-Gun “Nullification” Provision to the Permitless Carry Bill!

There’s not much time left in the legislative session in Jackson.  

So please take action right away!

The state senate on Tuesday passed an expanded Constitutional Carry bill.

The bill (HB 786) started as a mere church security bill to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry in church.

It was amended in the house to include Constitutional Carry — enabling law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in a “sheath, belt holster or shoulder holster” without getting permission.  The bill was then sent to the senate.

Having arrived there, HB 786 was expanded yet again to include a provision nullifying many types of Obama gun control.

The bill passed overwhelmingly — by a 36-14 vote in the senate — and now goes back to the house.

Given that the bill was favorably improved in the senate, we are asking state representatives to take the senate version … pass it … and send it to the Governor for his signature.

There’s not much time.  So please click here and urge your state representative to vote for the senate-passed version of HB 786.

Please take action right away.