Anti-gun Bill to be Heard in Senate Committee on Tuesday

Click on the Take Action button to urge your state senator to oppose SB 500. And you can cut-and-paste that message to contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee — their email addresses are included below — since they are holding a hearing on this bill on Tuesday.

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SB 500 Would Add Receivers and Suppressors to NH-Regulated Firearms

Dear Friend:

Remember how Ted Kennedy used to claim support for the Second Amendment? And Barack Obama? And Hillary Clinton?

And when these anti-gun weasels claimed to support gun ownership, it always came with a “but…”

Now, people who purport to support the Second Amendment are pushing to extend the definition of “firearm,” for purposes of New Hampshire law, to include firearms parts (“receivers”) and suppressors.

The bill — Senate Bill 500 — would make New Hampshire’s definition of firearms “just like the feds.” But guess what?

New Hampshire is “pro-gun” and Washington is not. Why would we want to mimic the anti-gun definition contained in the 1968 federal Gun Control Act?

Aside from that, there is a large national effort to deregulate suppressors, which are nothing more than simple tubes designed to protect your hearing.

Even anti-gun countries like Norway encourage the sale of suppressors as health-promotion devices.

How ironic would it be if, at the same time we are making progress toward deregulating suppressors in Washington, we simultaneously expand regulations on them in the Granite State?

We have pushed and pushed and pushed to get the sponsors to restore New Hampshire’s narrow definition of “firearm.”

And, although our friends have tried to make this happen, we are now beyond the point where we can risk allowing this bad bill to move forward. It is now past the time when the sponsor can withdraw the bill quietly.

Senate Bill 500 would make a tiny change with respect to rifles in cars. Your loaded rifle would not be illegal in your stationary car, but, if you drove it ten feet, you would become a criminal.

We are pushing legislation to legalize rifles in cars, and we fear this insubstantial change would only take the wind out of any legitimate reform.

Finally, in the provision in RSA 207:3 specifically allowing hunting, S.B. 500 would narrow that from “guns” (under current law) to “firearms” (in the bill). Unlike the words “guns,” the term “firearms” doesn’t include air guns and gun technology which may evolve in the future. Thus, some argue that the bill would repeal the ability to hunt with a wide variety of weapons.

The “gun group” pushing this bill has, in the past, fought to disarm veterans by passing the Veterans Disarmament Act in 2007. The same group fought to send more Granite State names to NICS under New Hampshire’s flawed star-chamber “guardian” system.

And, each time, the “gun group” hurled profanity-laced insults at GOA and its spokesmen.

But New Hampshire gun owners can decide for themselves whether suppressors are good or bad — and whether they support more regulation in New Hampshire, right at the time when we are making progress toward lessening regulation of suppressors in our nation’s capital.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on this anti-gun bill on Tuesday, February 13, at 9:00am.

So please urge the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote the bill inexpedient to legislate. Their email addresses are as follows:

[email protected]
[email protected]
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[email protected]

Simply tell them: “Please oppose SB 500 and vote the bill inexpedient to legislate.”

If you want to send a more detailed message, you can cut-and-paste the pre-written message that we are providing you for your own Senator.

It is very important that the Judiciary Committee members — and your Senator — realize that the gun owning community opposes SB 500 and will not accept any amendments.

The entire bill is far too complex, far reaching and harmful to Granite State firearms owners. It must be stopped, NOW!


Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel

P.S. Please urge your state senator to oppose SB 500. And please consider chipping in $20, $30, or $50 to GOA’s fight to snuff out gun control in the states like New Hampshire.