Will 2018 be the Year for Permitless Carry in South Carolina?

Urge your state lawmakers to support and cosponsor Constitutional Carry!

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You Don’t Need Government Permission to Bear Arms

Dear Friend:

Early last year, South Carolina lawmakers introduced legislation to turn South Carolina into the 15th Constitutional Carry state.

That legislation is SB 449 and H 3700.

Constitutional Carry is an important step toward the principle that no American should be required to seek the government’s permission to exercise his Second Amendment right to protect himself, his family, his friends, our country, and our Constitution.

True, Senate Bill 449 would not repeal all of the anti-gun laws in the state. Provisions continuing “safety-free zones” in churches would be carried over. But, as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And Constitutional Carry would be the biggest single step the state could take toward recognizing the Second Amendment rights of its citizens.

So please urge your state lawmakers to support and cosponsor the Constitutional Carry bills, SB 449 and H 3700.

Make no mistake about it: The fourteen Constitutional Carry states represent some of the safest states in the country — including Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho.

But if you look at the cities which are the most restrictive in “allowing” citizens to carry — like Chicago and Baltimore — they are some of the most crime ridden places in the nation.

But in Arizona and Alaska, two of the earliest Constitutional Carry states, violent crime dropped 30 percent in the first five years following the adoption of their Constitutional Carry laws.

Perhaps this is the reason why police favor expanded carry by a ratio of nine to one, according to a PoliceOne.com poll.

So please urge your state lawmakers to support and cosponsor Constitutional Carry.

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Director of Communications
Gun Owners of America
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