[Calls Needed] Constitutional Carry Assigned to Subcommittee!

Call Senators Schultz, Edler, and Petersen at 515-281-3371 to support Constitutional Carry!

Join Gun Owners of America today for less than a box of ammo!

Help Kick-start Constitutional Carry in the Legislature

Dear First Name:

Constitutional Carry legislation continues to advance in the Iowa Senate and was just assigned to a Senate Subcommittee!

This is a fantastic step, but now we need your help to ensure that this bill moves through the subcommittee as soon as possible.

The members of the subcommittee are:

  • Senator Jason Schultz, 515-281-3371
  •  Senator Jeff Edler, 515-281-3371
  • Senator Janet Petersen, 515-281-3371

Please call the subcommittee members at 515-281-3371, urging them to advance S.F. 2106 with no weakening amendments!

Your calls and emails are what helped this bill rack up an astounding 17 cosponsors, which shocked political insiders in Des Moines.

Meet GOA’s Larry Pratt at the State Capitol

GOA’s Larry Pratt, as well as our friends at Iowa Gun Owners, will be testifying before this committee on Thursday, February 8th at noon in Room 22.

If you can, please make plans to attend this hearing. We need as many pro-gunners as possible to turn out and show support.

Plus, you’ll get to meet Larry Pratt, one of the great modern day Second Amendment heroes.

So please make plans to attend on Thursday, February 8th at noon in Room 22 at the state house.

(Room 22 is on the Second Level, behind the Senate Chamber. The best way to access it is to use the elevator near the South entrance by the security check in.)

Thanks in advance for your activism!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Director of Communications
Gun Owners of America
Follow me on Twitter: @jordankstein

P.S. Please call the subcommittee at 515-281-3371 to support the Constitutional Carry legislation (S.F. 2106)!

And then please make plans to attending the hearing, which will feature GOA’s Larry Pratt.