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Protect Due Process and Reject Red Flag Laws!

Dear Friend,

Gun control is killing innocent Americans.

Did you hear the recent story coming out of Maryland?

In November, a 60-year-old man answered an early morning knock on his door, sensibly carrying his gun in the event the caller meant to rob or kill him, or both.

The “caller” turned out to be a contingent of police, who were there at 5:17 a.m., to inform the homeowner, Gary Willis, that a “secret court” had stripped him of his constitutional rights.

Willis picked up the gun, fearing the police would grab it off the table. Although Willis made no threatening gesture, the police tried to grab the gun away from him and, when it accidentally discharged, the police shot him to death.

To recapitulate: Gary Willis was not suspected of any crime. He was considered harmless by all of his neighbors. But he was summarily executed because a distant relative turned in his name to a “secret court” as someone who might be “dangerous.”

Welcome to Michael Bloomberg’s America. And specifically, welcome to the Orwellian world of “red flag” laws, crafted in the anti-gun brain of billionaire Michael Bloomberg for the purpose of confiscating Americans’ guns with no due process whatsoever.

And, if we don’t work hard, these Gun Confiscation Orders (“red flag laws”) will be coming to your state.

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This is the time of year that anti-gunners are pre-filing their gun confiscation bills in the legislature.

So we need to create a loud hue-and-cry against these horrific, deadly bills.

We’ve seen how they work: A secret complaint against a person not suspected of any crime results in a “secret court” — from which the accused is pointedly excluded.

On the basis of a subjective standard (“dangerous”), 99% of these courts order that the person be summarily stripped of his constitutional rights.

Sure, the person can come back later and spend $10,000 or more to convince the judge that he made a mistake. But this is NEVER successful. Hundreds of thousands of veterans have been stripped of their rights, without very few being able to vindicate their rights.

So, right now, anti-gunners in every legislature are trolling the halls, trying to get Republican legislators to support their gun confiscation scheme. They are painting gun confiscation (“red flag”) as non-controversial and bipartisan.

Don’t believe this.

We know that gun confiscation was in place in California at the time of the Thousand Oaks shooting in November and in Connecticut at the time of Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.

Not surprisingly, these gun control laws are never, ever successful in identifying the next mass shooter.

Rather, it is just the next step in taking away your guns without due process for no real purpose.

So please take action today and email your state senator and state representative.

Thank you.


Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel
Gun Owners of America

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