Bloomberg Wastes Millions in Pushing Gun Control … Once Again

“As the dust of yesterday’s settle, it’s abundantly clear that [Bloomberg] has nothing to show for his effort except defeat.” — Bob Owens,, November 4, 2015

Tuesday’s election results were not good for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The billionaire has publicly committed himself to spending millions of dollars to promote gun control — but he’s not gotten the “bang for his buck” that he desired.


The outcome of yesterday’s election in the Old Dominion — and the prospects for future gun control in the state — were not encouraging for the anti-gun Left.

The words must have burned like hot coals on the tongues of The Washington Post editors, as they read these words aloud:

The [election] outcome was a blunt rebuke to [Gov. Terry] McAuliffe (D), who had barnstormed the state with 24 events over the past four days and who portrayed the elections as a make-or-break moment for his progressive agenda….

National donors and outside groups on the left and right seized on the state Senate races.

A gun-control group backed by former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg pumped more than $2.3 million into the two most hotly contested Senate races, one in Northern Virginia, the other in the Richmond suburbs.

The Democrats needed to gain only two districts to give themselves a majority in the state senate. 

So Bloomberg pumped in millions of dollars into two open seat races, but got nothing to show for it.

In one race that took place near the state capital (Dist. 10), Bloomberg came up empty, as the anti-gun Democrat lost to the Republican challenger, Glen Sturtevant.

But even in the other race — in District 29, where Bloomberg spent money and the anti-gun Democrat won — it was already a district that leaned heavily to the left. It was one which President Obama had won over Romney in 2012 by a 63-35% margin.

So when the Democrat, Jeremy McPike, barely won the district yesterday with only 54% of the vote, it would appear that the virulently anti-gun message (even in an ultra-liberal district) actually served to whittle away the Democrat support — and almost handed the election to the Republican opponent.

The anti-gun message has not been a winning recipe for success at the polls.

In the end, the Post cited a political scientist in Virginia who basically wrapped up the evening this way:

Bob Holsworth, a former Virginia Commonwealth University political scientist, called the results “a fairly bitter defeat for the governor,” noting that he had solicited millions from out-of-state donors to help bankroll races.


The Bluegrass State fared no better for anti-gun Democrats, as GOA-endorsed Matt Bevin won his race for Governor. 

This was quite a feat, given that he is only the second Republican in four decades to win the governorship of Kentucky. 

Bevin’s opponent advocated so-called “Universal Background Checks” at gun shows, which would bring government regulation to private firearms sales.

GOA had proudly endorsed Matt Bevin and his running mate, Jenean Hampton — both of whom are veterans of the U.S. military and understand the importance of the Second Amendment.


The residents of Coos County, Oregon, overwhelmingly passed a Second Amendment Preservation Measure yesterday that could become a model for other states and localities.

An Oregon paper describes the resolution this way:

The lengthy measures declare any gun law infringing on the state and federal constitution to be void and gives the sheriff the task of determine the constitutionality of any gun law. It also says the counties won’t spend any funds to enforce the law passed by the Legislature this year requiring background checks on private gun transfers. Violators of the ordinance could face a $2,000 fine.

The measure would also invalidate the Universal Background Checks law which went into effect at the state level in August of this year.

The pro-gun resolution passed with more than 60% of the vote.


The Pelican State held its preliminary elections a couple of weeks ago in what’s known as a “jungle primary,” where Republicans and Democrats compete against each other.

We are pleased to announce that two GOA-endorsed candidates for statewide office will be running in the runoff election later this month.

Both Senator David Vitter, who is running for Governor, and Rep. Jeff Landry, who is running for Attorney General, were among the top-vote getters in the respective races.

The differences are glaring between these GOA-supported candidates and their opponents.

In the gubernatorial race, Vitter is 100% pro-gun and has advanced gun rights during his tenure in the U.S. Senate.

In the race for Attorney General, Jeff Landry has also defended our 2nd Amendment rights with uncompromising vigor — unlike the anti-gun incumbent in the race, former Democrat Buddy Caldwell, who pulled an Arlen Specter and switched parties to improve his chances of re-election.

GOA encourages gun owners in Louisiana to “save the date” and make sure they vote in the runoff election on November 21.