Here’s a Powerful Tool to Help You Promote Gun Rights this Election

GOA’s Congressional Rating: A Powerful Tool to Help You Promote Gun Rights this Election

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Election Day is less than two weeks away, and early voting has begun in many states already.

So I want to hand you a powerful tool.  

It is GOA’s Congressional Rating for 2016 — a tool we hope you will use to determine the best candidates on the Second Amendment.

Here at GOA, we believe that an informed voter is critical to safeguarding our constitutional rights.

So GOA’s goal is to arm you with the facts so you can make the right decisions when you go to the polls to vote.

There are many close races right now around the country. And if you live in one of these hotly contested areas — where there is a clear distinction — you have probably already received a GOA alert, urging you to get out and support the pro-gun candidate.

These races range from those involving governors … to state attorney’s general … to U.S. House and Senate races.

The outcomes of all these elections will have consequences for your liberties — including the rights protected by the Second Amendment.

But clearly, the state and local races are not the big ticket item on the November 8 ballot. It’s the presidential race.

Hillary Wants to Gut the Second Amendment

Hillary Clinton will wage an all-out attack against the Second Amendment if she is elected.

Clinton has threatened to curtail your gun rights using the Supreme Court; she’s supported Aussie-style gun confiscation as a model for the United States; and she’s bragged that Barack Obama did not go far enough in pursuing gun control.

GOA is working overtime to expose Hillary’s anti-gun agenda. Here are just some of the recent articles that GOA has posted on its website:

* Hillary’s Five Point Plan to Destroy the Second Amendment

* Presidential Debate: Hillary Grossly Misrepresents Court’s Heller Decision

* Fact-Check: No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Support the 2nd Amendment

* Clinton Reminds Gun-Makers She Has Them in Her Crosshairs

* Wikileaks: Hillary Supports 25% Gun Tax

(These links are no longer available)

While Trump has not always been perfect on Second Amendment rights, he’s spoken highly of gun rights over the past year.

In fact, during the recent debate with Clinton, he took a strong stand on nominating Supreme Court judges who will protect the Second Amendment and hold to an originalist interpretation.

He has also indicated he wants to repeal Obama’s anti-gun executive actions.

GOA Members Having a Huge Impact

GOA members are getting postcards in their mailboxes right now — postcards that gun owners can send to Donald Trump, reminding him of his promise to voters that, should he win the election, he will repeal every single one of Obama’s anti-gun executive orders during his first week in office.

These postcards are an important part of GOA’s legislative campaign to repeal federal gun control restrictions.

As we pointed out in a recent alert, these postcards represent anywhere from one hundred to a thousand more voters who think the same way — and so the postcard strategy works.  Remember:

* When Senator Diane Feinstein tried to renew her semi-automatic ban in 2004, GOA members deluged Capitol Hill offices with an unbelievable torrent of mail.

One Senate office told us that, “GOA postcards killed the Feinstein ban!”

* And when a couple of years later, it was mail from tens of thousands of GOA members that swamped Capitol Hill, killing an expansion of the Brady Law.

The outpouring of mail led one office to exclaim, “Oh s–t! We got a lot of postcards and emails from GOA members.”

Postcards deluging an official’s desk is an effective strategy.

So if you are not receiving GOA’s postal mailings, please go here to start receiving them.

And don’t forget to bookmark the link to the GOA voter guide and to share it with all your pro-gun family and friends.

Elections have consequences. It is urgent that every Second Amendment supporter get to the polls to support the most pro-gun candidate on the ballot. So please take GOA’s Voter Guide and make sure you distribute it to all the gun rights supporters you know.