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NOTE: You cannot use GOA’s Legislative Action Center to email Governor John Kasich, unless you are a constituent of his. However, you can easily contact Gov. Kasich by filling out Governor Kasich’s webform and then cutting-and-pasting the pre-written text below.

Cut-and-paste the letter below and click here to send it to Governor Kasich:

Dear Governor Kasich:

I want to thank you for your stand against suspending the 2nd Amendment. Please don’t heed the calls to illegally use Executive Orders to ban open carry in Cleveland.

After all, the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and BEAR arms without being “infringed.”

It makes no sense to “blame the gun,” when a determined killer who is filled with hate can use ANY instrument he wants to carry out acts of violence.

Hence, we’ve seen 50 people killed by knives in China in 2015 … 87 burned to death with matches and gasoline at a Bronx bar in 1990 … and most recently, 84 mowed down by a 20-ton truck in France.

We don’t impose “truck control” as the answer to massacres in France, nor should we impose gun control because one fanatic misuses a firearm in Louisiana or Dallas.

I’m sure you know that guns are used FAR MORE OFTEN to save lives than take lives.

According to Obama’s Center for Disease Control in 2013, guns are used anywhere from 500,000 to 3 million times a year in self-defense.  This means that guns are used 16-100x more often to save lives.

For these reasons, you have made the right decision to oppose any call for suspending the Second Amendment in Cleveland.

Please know that if you choose to continue standing with the Constitution, the majority of the American people will stand with you.


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