Rally for your Rights

Rallies Across the Country For 2A Rights

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State Capitol Rallies for Gun Rights

Dear Friend,

Many patriots in the gun rights community are planning rallies at state capitols across America in light of recent attacks on the Second Amendment.

Please consider attending one of these rallies on April 14th. Many of these rallies are located at your state capitol, but times vary. For more information about the rally in your state, click here.

We hope that gun owners will help make a strong showing this weekend, and as always, demonstrate lawful and peaceful support of the Second Amendment at their state capitols.

GOA on the Frontlines, Fighting for 2A Rights!

We want to thank all of our activists for taking action over the past several weeks.

Since the Parkland shooting, anti-gunners are pushing gun control all across the country.

And while GOA has been mobilizing the grassroots at both the state and federal levels, we have also been very active in the media.

Here are just some of our recent video appearances:

* GOA Discussing Anti-gun CDC Funding

* GOA at the anti-gun March for Gun Control in DC

* GOA on OANN’s Tipping Point Debating Gun Control

* GOA Giving an Education about Armed Teachers

Also, make sure to check out the many articles where GOA has been quoted or has contributed content.

I hope you will enjoy them!

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Director of Communications
Gun Owners of America
Follow me on Twitter: @jordankstein

P.S. From gun confiscation orders to bump stock bans, GOA is working around the clock to stop gun control. Please consider joining so we have as many people as possible unite in our cause.