Contact Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Contact Attorney General Jeff Sessions

NOTE: You cannot use GOA’s Legislative Action Center to email Attorney General Jeff Sessions, since he is not an elected official. However, you can easily contact him by filling out the webform on the Department of Justice website and then cutting-and-pasting the pre-written text below.

Cut-and-paste the letter below and click here to send it to Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Subject: Thank you for agreeing to review the case of Cox and Kettler

Dear Attorney General Sessions:

Gun Owners of America tells me that you have agreed to personally review the case of Shane Cox and Jeremy Kettler.

This request came from Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt in defense of these two men who were prosecuted by the Obama administration because they relied on the Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act and manufactured various sound suppressors which were intended for use wholly within the jurisdiction of Kansas.

All this has happened to them, even while at the federal level, legislation is pending in Congress that would completely repeal NFA regulation of suppressors. 

AG Schmidt’s letter to you is seeking a dismissal of the charges or a presidential pardon.  And according to published reports, you have agreed to personally review this case.

I just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful to you for looking into this.  Already, I am seeing the difference between an anti-gun zealot like Barack Obama, and someone who respects the Constitution, like yourself and Donald Trump.