Brady Law Shows Its Ugly Face

Brady Gun Control Shows Its Ugly Face
— GOA needs your horror stories

by Larry Pratt
Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
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(Friday, December 11, 1998)– It is no understatement to say that the first week for the National Instant Background Check was a huge flop. Despite five years to prepare for the November 30 deadline, the administration and the FBI simply weren’t ready.

Delays, delays, and more delays marked the first few days under Part II of the Brady law. If one were cynical, one might be tempted to think that the delays were intentional.

Nationwide, customers have left gun stores in disgust without purchasing their intended firearms. And in some cases, gun dealers have even been stuck with special orders that they have purchased, but couldn’t transfer when endless delays caused the gun buyers to give up.

What to do when the “trains don’t run on time” . . .

Unfortunately, the answer in some sectors of the pro-gun movement has been to work towards making the “trains run on time.” Make the Instant “Registration” Check work more efficiently, they say, so there won’t be any delays and interruptions.

Those of you who have been with us for a while know that we are completely opposed to this approach. We don’t want these government “trains” running at all. But this stance should come as no surprise. Gun Owners of America was the only national gun lobby to oppose the Instant Registration Check in 1993, when the law first passed. And to this day, we continue to fight against this unconstitutional monstrosity with every ounce of our organizational being.

Fire back with a “shotgun approach”

During the last Congress, you helped us push for the repeal of the entire Brady law, including the insidious Instant Registration Check. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) was the author of the bill to repeal this law (H.R. 2721), and he has already told us that he plans to reintroduce his bill next year.

At this moment, GOA is looking at opportunities to challenge this law. The current case that has been filed in the federal courts is a good first step. But GOA wants to challenge the ENTIRE background check system, not just the part about illegally registering gun owners (as bad as that is).

GOA needs your help. We need to hear about some of the horror stories that you are enduring. We’ve already received some. But we need to get some more. First, let me tell you what I’m NOT asking for.

Delays. If there is one word that characterizes the Instant Registration system right now, it is the word “delay.” The press has been replete with examples, and that’s one area that is pretty much common knowledge. Additional examples are not needed to make this case.

What I do need are actual examples of abuse. (I realize that delays– if intentionally caused– can be a form of abuse. But one needs evidence to prove the delays were intentional.) As for examples of official abuse, some of you have already sent some pretty compelling stories:

* FBI officials telling gun dealers that a buyer can only purchase one handgun in a month’s period (in a state which does NOT have a one-gun-a-month law);

* State officials admitting they use the background checks to deny people with unpaid traffic fines;

* State officials requesting copies of the 4473 forms without any statutory authority to do so; and

* FBI officials asking for gun serial numbers or for Social Security numbers before approving background checks.

These are the types of incidents that will help us fight this law in Congress and in the courts. So if you have an example (even one that mirrors the above four cases), please send GOA your story, and include as much documentation as you possibly can.

You can contact GOA by either snail-mail or e-mail:

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Also, please circulate this alert to any FFL’s that you know. Thank you.