GOA Offering Arguments in Heller II Case


— You can help by giving to the CFC (Agency Number 10042) or a similar private campaign

— You can help by giving to the CFC (Agency Number 10042) or a similar private campaign

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coming off some huge Election Day victories in the Congress, Gun Owners of America is now setting its sights on the courts.

A big battle will be taking place next week on Monday, November 15, at the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Both Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation are involved in challenging an extremely restrictive gun control law in a case known as Heller II.

After the District of Columbia lost its 2008 case in Heller I, the city council enacted a firearms registration scheme that was nearly as draconian as the original law, which the Supreme Court had struck down.

The Heller I decision in 2008 was monumental, as it paved the way for the Chicago verdict earlier this year — which made clear that our Second Amendment rights apply throughout the entire country (not just in Washington, DC).

Gun Owners was also actively involved in the Chicago case, known as McDonald v. Chicago.  This case is paying dividends, as recently as last month when a Wisconsin judge used the McDonald case to rule their ban on concealed carry unconstitutional!

The court said it “agrees with Justice Clarence Thomas’s McDonald concurrence and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to this matter. In essence, no State shall abridge the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States. As Justice Thomas demonstrates, the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right, not created by the Second Amendment, but secured or recognized by it.”

This appeal to the “privileges and immunities” of American citizens is exactly the argument that Gun Owners made in its amicus brief before the McDonald court.

It was worth every penny that was spent on the Heller I and McDonald cases.

In Heller II, we are challenging the new DC gun law.  After all, what good does it do if the Court says you have an “individual right” to own a gun, but the city in which you live is still allowed to impose draconian restrictions which will cost you hundreds of dollars just so you can exercise that right.

That’s why GOA is helping to challenge the DC law… and why we are so excited about the oral arguments that will be delivered to the court on November 15, almost two weeks after the election.

Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation are submitting an amicus brief in this case.  This is an effort that you can help us with — and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

In many federal offices, there are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pressures to give to the Combined Federal Campaign.  Your boss may think his prestige depends upon getting everyone to kick in.  The same thing happens in all too many corporations during the United Way fundraising drive.

You may have wanted to give but couldn’t find a group that wasn’t attacking your rights, let alone defending them, on the list of participating organizations.  But that has all changed!

Federal employees now are able to designate Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) as the recipient of their gifts to the Combined Federal Campaign.  

Use Agency Number 10042 for Gun Owners Foundation when you make your Combined Federal Campaign pledge or donation.  Your gifts will go toward helping us win cases like the Heller II case which is coming just around the corner.

Also, if you work for a company that participates in the United Way, you too may be able to designate that your gift be to Gun Owners Foundation.  Many local United Way Campaigns allow Gun Owners Foundation to participate through their Donor Choice Programs.  Some, however, do not.  Check with your local United Way Agency.  You will not only be helping people and protecting your rights, but you will also get a tax deduction.

One additional note.  If you are employed by a corporation or organization which has a Matching Gift Program, please keep GOF in mind when making your donation.  Contributions to GOF are tax-deductible.

Your support for Gun Owners Foundation helps us to offer quality briefs in defense of gun owners’ rights.  (You can read previous amicus briefs on the GOF site at gunowners.com.)  

So please help the Second Amendment — while making a tax-deductible contribution either through the CFC or the United Way.  Of course, you can always donate online at the Gun Owners Foundation site:  http://www.gunowners.com/donate.htm

Thank you very much.