Chuck Schumer: Another Anti-gun Amendment Coming

Calls Needed to Sink Another Anti-gun Schumer Amendment

(Thursday, September 6, 2001) — They’re baaack!

Yes, the Congress is back, and our liberties are under fire once again.

You will remember that in July, Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) offered an amendment to force the FBI to keep gun buyers names for at least 90 days. After you guys contacted your Representatives, the Moran amendment failed miserably by a vote of 268-161.

Now, Mr. Anti-Freedom himself — Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York — wants to require the FBI to register gun buyers. Attorney General John Ashcroft recently reduced the registration period to 24 hours, but Schumer & Co. want to ratchet that time period back up to at least 90 days. Sen. Schumer is reportedly looking to offer his amendment to the Senate’s Commerce-Justice-State budget bill (S. 1215).

Gun owners should ask their Senators to vote AGAINST the Schumer amendment. Obviously, the best answer would be for Congress to repeal the unconstitutional Brady registration law. Short of that, Congress should enact the original Smith amendment which passed the Senate by a 69-31 vote in 1998.

The Smith language calls for the “immediate destruction” of ANY and ALL information that might help identify lawful gun buyers. Moreover, the bill specifically authorizes private individuals to sue the FBI for registering gun owners and specifically offers to compensate them for legal fees when they sue the FBI.

ACTION: While the Senate could vote as early as today on this amendment, it probably will not get to it until at least next Tuesday. Please use the prewritten text below to help direct your comments to your Senators. You can call your Senators at 202-224-3121. To identify your Senators, as well as to send a message via e-mail, see the Legislative Action Center at on the GOA website.

—– Pre-written message —–

Dear Senator:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is planning to offer an amendment forcing the FBI to violate the privacy of thousands upon thousands of law-abiding Americans. The Senator wants the FBI to keep the names of decent gun buyers for at least 90 days.

I urge you to oppose this amendment should Sen. Schumer offer it to the Commerce-Justice-State bill (S. 1215).

I think the Senate should reenact the Smith amendment from 1998 — an amendment which passed by a 69-31 vote. His language required the “immediate destruction” of ANY and ALL information that might help identify lawful gun buyers.

Gun Owners of America will be keeping me updated on this issue.



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