Smith To Offer Pro-gun Amendment

Ask Your Senators to Support the Smith Amendment
— Provision would preserve the Second Amendment from extinction

Smith Amendment Aimed at Preserving Gun Industry; Putting anti-gunners on the Defensive

As you know, several mayors and anti-gun lawyers have launched frivolous lawsuits against many in the gun industry. In short, these lawsuits could accomplish what the anti-gun lobby has not been able to do in fifty years– wipe out his country’s firearms industry, and in so doing, prevent citizens from being able to buy firearms.

Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) plans to put a stop to that with S. 954. And his office has told GOA that he plans to stick this bill as an amendment to a series of bills (including the crime bill), and thus, put the anti-gunners on the defensive. This bill/amendment would do two things: (1) It would limit the amount greedy lawyers could reap from anti-gun judgments to $150 an hour. This would eliminate the massive contingent fees– in at least one case, reaching hundreds of millions of dollars– which were awarded in the tobacco suits, and will virtually guarantee that these lawyers will lose interest in pursuing the litigation. (2) It would require HCI and the anti-gun municipalities to finance the legal expenses of the gun industry if these frivolous suits are ultimately unsuccessful.

Anti-gun Senators Looking to Load-up Crime Bill with anti-gun Amendments

According to today’s Washington Post, “While GOP and Democratic leaders are pushing more modest [gun control] measures, a half-dozen Democratic senators have served notice that they will push for stronger gun proposals.” Some the proposals which Senators are likely to vote on over the next couple of days are:

* A new three day waiting period;

* Mandatory instant “registration” check for private sales at gun shows

(Republicans have put forth a compromise of “voluntary” registration checks);

* Imprisoning adults for crimes committed with guns that were stolen from them by children;

* A lifetime gun ban for youthful indiscretions;

* A young adult gun ban;

* Regulation of internet gun sales; and much more.

Please see Talking Points for an explanation of the dangers inherent in the above proposals.

The Smith amendment would put anti-gunners on the defensive, and could have the subsidiary effect of forcing a Presidential veto of the entire crime bill– even if it contains anti-gun amendments.