Gun Control And The Crime Bill: Media Advisory

GOA Blasts Clinton and Gun Control on Prime Time TV
— Exposes problems with enforcing anti-gun laws

“I can tell you that the President of the United States is certainly eager to take advantage of every tragedy that occurs. And to suggest that, somehow, a crack-house kid would have had a trigger-lock on the gun that the crook in the house had with their drugs and stolen guns — I don’t think so. That’s a very implausible scenario to say the least.”
— Larry Pratt, GOA Executive Director on MSNBC’s Equal Time

(Wednesday, March 15, 2000) — Last week it was the morning TV programs like NBC’s Today show and CBS’ This Morning. This week, GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt has been hitting the after-dinner talk shows.

Pratt appeared on MSNBC’s Equal Time last night with co-hosts Ollie North and Paul Begala. Sparks flew as Pratt excoriated the President for using horrible tragedies to further his political agenda.

At the same time, Pratt also blasted the President’s call to “enforce the existing anti-gun laws.”

“Rather than call for the enforcement of existing gun laws — which all of us opposed at the time that they were being put on the books,” Pratt said, “we think it would be much more appropriate to call for their removal. That way we’re not going to have as many people being disarmed and victimized by criminals who get their guns anyway no matter what the gun control laws are.”

Pratt pointed out how foolish the gun control logic is. A virtual complete gun ban and confiscation in England has now led to a rising crime rate (which has now surpassed our own). And their ban has not stopped more than 3 million guns from reportedly landing in criminals’ hands.

“Are we supposed to believe that if on an island they can’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals, that the Brady law is somehow going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?” Pratt said.

Pratt also blasted an HCI spokesman on the show for calling on Congress to close the gun control “loopholes.”

“What you’re calling a ‘loophole’ is what the Founders called freedom,” said Pratt. “And meanwhile, all these ‘loopholes’ you want to close off — all they do is result in an increase in crime in this country.”

GOA plans to offer this tape in the future for a minimal cost. Gun activists who would like to see a first class debater take on our political enemies will find lots of talking points that they can use.

MEDIA ADVISORY: As this goes to press, Larry Pratt is scheduled to appear on CNBC’s [Geraldo] Rivera Live tonight at 9:00 EST. As with any media “schedule,” such plans are always tentative and could be changed at any time by the media host.

HOUSE VOTE: GOA will alert you tomorrow as to the results of the House vote which occurred today. It is imperative that we defeat the gun control in the crime bill now — otherwise, today’s restrictions will become part of the “existing gun laws” that the President and others will be seeking to enforce tomorrow.

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