GOA Endorses Steve Daines for Senate

Dear Friend:

New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants Montana’s Steve Bullock to join him in the U.S. Senate. And why not?

The anti-gun movement’s greatest hero and the Montana governor have almost identical views when it comes to your Second Amendment rights.
Like Chuck Schumer, Steve Bullock SUPPORTS:

  • Universal Background Checks
  • So-called “assault weapon” bans
  • Gun Confiscation Orders based on hearsay and without Due Process
  • Standard capacity magazine bans
  • 18-21-year-old gun bans

If that is not bad enough, as Governor, Steve Bullock even VETOED Constitutional Carry legislation not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!
He also vetoed a bill that would have allowed Montanans to carry in post offices. Schumer would love to gain an anti-gun ally from a strong, pro-gun state like Montana. To them, that would be the greatest trophy of all.

Don’t let Schumer destroy the Second Amendment!

Vote for Senator Steve Daines, the A+ rated, 100% supporter of your right to keep and bear arms.

Steve Daines is not a professional politician. He is a successful businessman who first ran for office out of love for his family, his country, and the State of Montana.

In Washington, Sen. Daines stands 100% firm in his protection of your gun rights – even when the media and all of the national Democrats are pushing for gun control.

That’s why Sen. Daines has introduced pro-gun legislation and cosponsored Constitutional Carry reciprocity and deregulating firearms suppressors.

Steve Daines is one of the Second Amendment’s most trusted friends in all of Congress.

In Liberty,

Tim Macy

P.S. You know the stakes are high both nationally and right here in Montana in 2020. That’s why it’s so important that we all get behind Steve Daines for Senate, and reject the gun control agenda of the flip-flopping former governor.

Paid for by Gun Owners of America. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.