WY: Wyoming House and Senate Propose Drastically Different Bills to Repeal Gun-Free Zones

Wyoming House and Senate Propose Drastically Different Bills to Repeal Gun-Free Zones

The Wyoming House and Senate have proposed two drastically different paths forward to repeal gun-free zones in Wyoming. One method advances firearms rights in the Cowboy State while another takes a step back in terms of gains made in recent years with Constitutional Carry in Wyoming.

THE GOOD BILL – HB0105, sponsored by Representative Haroldson [R] from Wheatland, will repeal firearms restrictions in many places currently off limits to firearms, including many government buildings, the Capital Building and Legislative Meetings, public schools, and colleges and Universities. Private property owners would retain their ability to restrict firearms on their own property under this proposed law.

Under HB0105, carrying in the Capital and government buildings would be allowed under the state’s existing Constitutional Carry laws. In other words, you would not need a permit to carry inside the buildings you fund with your tax money.

Unfortunately, the Senate is taking a much different approach. Under companion bills SF0149 and SF0150 the state would create a complex system to enable you to regain your rights to carry inside the Capital. First, SF0149 creates an “Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit” that requires additional training and fees beyond anything currently required in Wyoming. Next, the proponents of SF0149 plan to use the Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit to allow a citizen to carry inside the State Capital. The bill makes no provisions for carry in other government buildings, colleges and universities, or other places off limits to carrying firearms at this time.

The Senate Bills (SF0149 and SF0150) create added fees along with hurdles you would have to jump through in order to exercise your rights! Further, the bills create classes of permit holders. Those holding the “Enhanced” permits would have access to rights not granted to other Wyoming citizens. 

Wyoming is a Constitutional Carry state and already has a concealed carry permit system in place for people who wish to use the permit to travel to other states. SF0149 and SF0150 represent a major step backwards in terms of firearms rights in Wyoming!

However, we do have a good option for repealing gun-free zones. Representative Haroldson’s HB0105 allows carry inside the Capital and government buildings through Wyoming’s constitutional carry processes, and his bill would allow carry at Universities and public schools with the state’s existing concealed carry permit. Haroldson’s HB0105 is the bill that advanced firearms rights in Wyoming!

Please contact key House and Senate Committee Members now by clicking here. We have provided a pre-written message to encourage Committee members to support HB0105 and not support SF0149 and SF0150 in Committees or on the Floor in the coming days.


Contact Senate and House Committees Now to Support HB0105, and Oppose SF0149 and SF0150

P.S. Please contact key House and Senate Committee members now by clicking this link. Also, please be watching for updates on these and other bills in the coming days, and be on the lookout for information about other important GOA efforts to protect or advance your Second Amendment Rights!

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