Transcript Of Olidia Kerr Day’s 911 Call

Olidia Kerr Day’s frantic 911 phone call from her cell phone lasted 3 minutes and 24 seconds. In that time Day drove about a mile from her Plantation home in the 6800 block of Northwest 14th Street to the city’s police station at 451 NW 70th Terrace.

One of the 911 operators who handled the call tried to use data from nearby cell phone towers to track Day’s cell phone to a specific location but was unsuccessful.

The operators were still on the line when Day was shot to death.

Sunrise Operator: Sunrise 911. Where is your emergency?

Day: Listen, please. Don’t hang up, and listen to me. I’ve been taken out of my house at gunpoint. I’m gonna head to the, I’m gonna head to the police station.

Sunrise: What is, What is, what is the, what is the address?

Day: Please, I am on the road. He’s got me all threatened and my kids.

Sunrise: Ma’am, what is the address?

Day: I don’t have it. I’m just, I’m getting… I’m getting right now to the, to the, I’m going right now to the police department.

Sunrise: Which police department?

Day: I was able to talk to him. And I’m going to go inside.

Sunrise: Ma’am, Ma’am. You need to slow down, because I don’t know where you are. Which police department?

Day: I don’t know. Please help me! Where is the, where is the police station here in Plantation? I don’t know, I’m lost.

Sunrise: Hold on for Plantation police. Hold on. Hold on for one second.

Day: Please hurry!

Sunrise: Hold on.

Day: Oh God.

Call transferring

Sunrise: Ma’am hold on for one second. Just stay on the line. I’m going to do the talking, OK? Stay on the line.

Day: Please hurry!

Sunrise: Please, Ma’am.

Plantation 911 operator: 911. Do you have an emergency?

Sunrise: Plantation this is Sunrise with a transfer. It sounds like it’s possibly going to be for a signal 24, signal 0. (armed kidnapping)

Day: Hurry! Please!

Plantation: OK, what’s the address?

Sunrise: She doesn’t have the address. I’m trying to look it up.

Day: Where is Plantation?

Sunrise: Hold on, I’m trying to look it up for you, Plantation. Stay online for one second

Day: Where is the Plantation Police Department? Please! Tell somebody to intercept me. Tell somebody to intercept me on, on Fifth Street, on Fifth Street and 70th Street! Please hurry?

Plantation: OK, what’s the problem ma’am?

Day: Please, he’s got me at gunpoint and shooting, shooting at me.

Plantation: OK?

Day: He came to my house and took me out of my shower and now I’m …

Plantation: How do you know him?

Day: Please, he’s going to kill me! God.

Plantation: Ma’am, do you know him?

Day: Yes, his name is Carlos Cevallos.

Plantation: OK, is he… habla Espanol? (Do you speak Spanish?)

Day: Si, senora. El es un senor que esta enamorado de mi, pero (yes, ma’am. He is a man who is in love with me, but)

Plantation: OK, un momento. Un momento. Dime algo. Adonde está pa ahorita? (Ok, one moment. One moment. Tell me something. Where are you at right now?)

Day: Estoy en la cinco! En la cino! (I’m on Fifth! On Fifth!)

Sunrise: She’s about the 6300 block of, I want to say about 10th.

Day: I’m … right now. I’m trying to get to the Plantation Police Department to walk in but I’m not sure. He’s accelerating on me now! He’s going to kill me, man! I don’t know where you are!

Plantation: OK, I’m getting. I’m getting — Just a second ma’am. Where are you?

Day: (inaudible shouting) … Hurry!

Plantation: Hold on one second, ma’am. I’m going to get officers there. What kind of car are you in?

Day: A blue Honda Accord! Please, hurry!

Plantation: Listen. Stop yelling because I can’t help you if you’re yelling.

Day: I don’t know. I’m stopped now. I’m stopping now. Help, he’s going to kill me!

Plantation: (speaking to someone in her office): What call are you dispatching?

Day screams from a distance

Sunrise: Plantation?

More distant screaming

Plantation: (inaudible)… Hello?

Sunrise: Stand by on land line … Plantation? … Hello, Plantation?

Plantation: Shots fired. Hold on one second.

originally published in South Florida