WI: Senate Bill Could Hurt People who use a Firearm in Self Defense

Unfortunately, some people just can’t help but look for any way to infringe upon your rights. 

At first glance, SB 852 might seem like a regular bill that is just tough on crime. But upon closer examination, a lot of problems become clearly evident.

Under this bill, a prosecutor will not be allowed to dismiss a charge of “illegal possession of a firearm,” if said individual is involved in a “violent felony.” One huge problem is that a “violent felony” is so broadly defined in Wisconsin law that it even includes owning a “Short Barrel Rifle (SBR).” And as you may know, the ATF wants to unconstitutionally ban 40 million pistol braced firearms this year, which would turn all those guns into SBRs. 

This bill could also hurt you if you use your firearm in self-defense. In many jurisdictions, when a self-defense situation happens, the “defender” could be charged with murder and several other crimes, including “illegal possession of a firearm,” even when it’s legally possessed. This bill would make it so, even after the situation is uncovered as being self-defense and the murder charges are dropped, the person would still be charged with the “illegal possession of a firearm” charge until they go through a much lengthier process, since the charges cannot be dismissed. 

As you can see, rather than being tough on crime, this bill hinders the rights of law-abiding citizens. SB 852 does nothing to stop people from, say, running over people at a Christmas parade with a car. This bill demonizes firearms and is a step in the wrong direction. It is almost opposite to Constitutional Carry – where the law-abiding can carry a firearm without government permission. 

How many other serious crimes have this special treatment? SB 852 is just another example of hate being reserved for firearms, rather than the people actually committing the crimes.

So please, urge your Senator to OPPOSE SB 852.