WA: Unconstitutional Gun Ban Signed Into Law!

GOA Will Not Stop Fighting For Washington!

By now you’ve seen the horrible news that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a so-called “assault weapons” ban into law yesterday.  

Washington is now the 10th state to pass this terrible unconstitutional gun control legislation outright banning the sale of commonly owned firearms.  

Like you, we’re devastated by the outcome. 

GOA and our members in Washington fought against this tyrannical piece of legislation every step of the way, but gun-grabbing legislators pushed it through the legislature – ignoring the rights of their constituents. 

But rest assured we’re not packing up and leaving – there’s more work to do.  

GOA and our legal arm Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) are fighting this exact type of gun control with pro-gun lawsuits in other states, such as Illinois and California – and the outcome of these lawsuits will most likely help Washington.  

While the Illinois lawsuit is still in earlier stages, GOA and GOF are fighting their “assault weapons” ban in the 7th Federal Circuit that has the potential to set precedence in the courts on “AWBs” in the whole United States. 

We are also fighting gun control measures in New York and know that Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito have warned the 2nd Circuit that the Supreme Court is closely watching their actions. 

GOA and GOF also filed a lawsuit in the 5th Circuit in TX challenging the pistol brace rule that the ATF enacted to create felons out of millions of innocent people! 

We know the 9th Circuit – where Washington is located – has a perfect 54-0 voting for gun control, so our legal team with GOA is strategically looking at options to provide the best outcome for the people of Washington. 

GOA will not leave our members in Washington behind, and we’re looking into every option to undo this tyrannical bill stripping you of your God-given right to bear arms! 

“When the road gets tough, don’t quit; just change your shoes!” 

We’ll never quit in the battle to defend and restore our Second Amendment rights – we’ll regroup, evaluate legal strategies, and keep pressing on. 

Thank you for your support and activism. 

Stay tuned.