VT: Massive Gun Control Bill Moving in State Senate!

The anti-gun Democrats in the Vermont House of Representatives have recently passed H 230 – a bill that infringes upon your Second Amendment rights! 

House Bill 230 seeks to make firearm storage mandatory, create a 72-hour waiting period for firearm purchases, and allow Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders to be requested by household members! 

Not only are these provisions blatantly unconstitutional, but they are also dangerous. There is no doubt that this bill could cause innocent people to be hurt or killed, and we have seen it happen elsewhere.  

Mandatory storage laws have prevented people from accessing their firearm in time during a break-in. Waiting periods have prevented people from defending themselves when they know a threat is imminent. Red Flag Gun Confiscation has directly led to the deaths of innocent people falsely accused of being a danger, and they have never been proven to work at lowering crime. 

Please click here to send a pre-written message to your Senator urging them to oppose H 230!