VA: GOA and VCDL Need to Hear from You!

As you know, Gun Owners of America and VCDL are currently suing Virginia over its unconstitutional UBC (Universal Background Check) law.

We filed that lawsuit in June of 2020 and won a temporary injunction. Because of our lawsuit, the Democrat-passed UBC law does not apply to 18 to 20-year-olds who are purchasing handguns from third parties.

Both of our organizations have been contacted by numerous gun owners who have been negatively affected by UBCs. However, GOA & VCDL would like to hear from additional people who have been affected.

If you’ve had any of the following issues with universal background checks while attempting to do a private sale, please let GOA know by clicking here.

  1. Long delays in completing the background check, especially if that delay required you and the other person to come back to the FFL at a later date, or even just later in the day, to complete the sale.
  2. Difficulty finding an FFL within a reasonable distance willing to do third-party transfers.
  3. FFL required you to pay more than $15 for the private sale to be performed.
  4. Inability to complete a private sale due to any other issue.

Thanks so much for your help!