UN Treaty Undermines American Gun Rights

If you were thinking that President Obama was too much involved with his health care bill to do any serious damage elsewhere, you would be mistaken.

As a Senator, Barack Obama voted wrong on gun rights issues every chance he had.  And he is now under tremendous pressure by forces from the anti-gun Left to do everything he can to eliminate your right to keep and bear arms.

But how can he possibly take on another extremely controversial issue like gun control since he’s already been beaten up badly in the battle over ObamaCare?   The answer:  He’ll do it the same way the radical left has always managed to sneak anti-gun bills through the Congress – using dirty tricks and secret back-room deals.

Sadly, there are plenty of Representatives and Senators, from both parties, who would vote to limit your gun rights and mine, but who are terrified of being tossed out of office by millions of pro-gun voters.

But now, it looks like President Obama has figured out a way to protect them as they vote away America’s gun rights – permanently!

At the end of last year, while everybody was focused on the economy, jobs and heath care, President Obama ordered his UN Ambassador to vote in favor of continued talks to regulate firearms around the world.

This vote reversed a previous vote cast by pro-gun UN Ambassador John Bolton who dramatically stood up for America’s Second Amendment rights in opposing any push towards a Global Gun Control Treaty.  Mr. Bolton understood that a UN Treaty had the power to undermine the Constitutional rights of American gun owners.

By ordering his Ambassador to vote in favor of this treaty, President Obama not only reversed his own campaign promise to protect Second Amendment rights, he also put America on a path that would require us to follow the edicts of the United Nations instead of our own U.S. Constitution!

This was no mistake on the part of the Obama Administration.  It is a major policy shift.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly stated that, “Conventional arms transfers are a crucial national security concern for the United States, and we have always supported effective action to control the international transfer of arms. The United States is prepared to work hard for a strong international standard in this area.”

The truth is that if the United States becomes a signatory to the final version of this arms control treaty, our Congress may be required to enact anti-gun legislation to put America into full compliance with its terms.

It’s a deadly trap for America’s gun rights and a clever loophole that Congressmen can hide behind, claiming that they have no choice but are being forced to pass gun control laws or face sanctions from the UN!

How might passage of a Global Gun Control Treaty affect ordinary, law-abiding gun owners like you and me?   Well, the treaty requires all signatories to maintain the “highest possible standards” to keep weapons away not just from terrorists and organized crime, but also from all “criminal activity.”

How could the United States possibly hope to keep all firearms out of the hands of common criminals?  That’s an impossible task, obviously, but President Obama will still argue there’s only one way to keep guns out of the wrong hands … and that’s to keep firearms out of everyone’s hands.  That’s right!  In order to comply with this UN edict, the United States would have to disarm its civilian population, reserving firearms only for military and police forces!

I don’t mean to imply that an army of blue-helmeted UN soldiers would immediately descend on your community, armed with a list of registered firearms owners to confiscate your weapons – at least not right away.  No, instead, they would ask the Congress to pass a number of gun control measures to try to “solve the problem.”

This would be a dream come true for the gun grabbers.  The U.S. Congress would introduce an array of “lock up your guns” bills; semi-auto bans; ammo bans; magazine bans; and every other restrictive measure they can think of.

And they would vote to approve these gun-grabbing bills because they could claim America is under the mandate of a UN treaty and the United States would face economic sanctions if it failed to comply!

As bad as this would be for the United States, it would actually be even worse for people in oppressed countries.

This treaty is a dream come true for tyrants and rogue nations for it would help them disarm their civilian populations, giving them a monopoly of force so they could crush any opposition.  That’s why countries like Iran support civilian arms control!

And if you want to know what UN-sponsored gun control will look like in our country, just study those countries that have been ratcheting up the restrictions on their citizens.  In Australia, police are now authorized to enter the homes of licensed gun owners to ensure that the firearms are properly put away.  One of their police superintendents was quoted as saying: “Officers will be examining all gun safes to ensure they comply with the legislative requirements, particularly in relation to the standard and security of safes.”

This is alarming!  Police can just enter gun owners’ homes and examine their guns to make sure “that weapons are stored in such a way as to limit the possibility of loss or theft, so they don’t come into the possession of a person who isn’t authorized to hold them.”

And what if the guns aren’t locked up properly?  Well, then, Australian gun owners can face up to two years in jail!

Never mind the fact that this new, UN-based gun control has not benefitted the community.  Australia is now suffering from a deadly, rapidly escalating wave of violent crime since the implementation of the Port Arthur gun ban with assaults alone at a rate of 840 per 100,000, nearly twice that of America’s crime rate.


We simply cannot allow our government to sign the Global Gun Control Treaty and make our own Constitution and Bill of Rights subservient to the whims of a UN largely controlled by thugs and despots.

We have to let our Senators know that we are aware of the attempt to use this UN treaty as a means of denying Americans their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms – and we will not stand for it.


Let me make this perfectly clear:  if this arms control treaty passes, your right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, will be eliminated – replaced by the global governance of the United Nations.  Freedom, as you know it, will be extinguished forever.


Ordering our Ambassador to the United Nations to support this treaty is, in my opinion, a violation of President Obama’s Oath of Office when he swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And let me also warn you that getting the Senate to oppose this treaty will not be easy.  That’s because many Senators really want it to pass because they hate debating the gun issue.  Nothing would give them more pleasure than to shift that burden onto somebody else – like the UN.

They feel that if they can quietly move the battle over gun rights to the United Nations, they will never have to deal with those annoying gun owners and their sacred gun rights again.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint them but this treaty will not be dealt with quietly! With your help, we are going to be shouting this one from the rooftops; exposing both their cowardice and their contempt for the Constitution and our Bill of Rights!

That is why I would like you to contact your Senators reminding them that, like the President, they are bound by Oath or Affirmation to support and defend the Constitution.  And allowing the United Nations to trample the Second Amendment is a flagrant violation of that oath.

We need to end this grave threat, not just to our Second Amendment rights, but to our nation’s sovereignty, as well.  Our country has the right to govern itself without any outside interference.

Sovereignty, like individual freedom, is usually something that, once lost, is never fully recovered.  Allowing the UN to put its authority above our own Constitution would certainly be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

So, for the sake of our gun rights and the fate of our nation, I urge you to contact your Senators today.

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We will use your contribution to bring the battle to the Capitol, marching into every Senator’s office and demanding that he declare, YES or NO, whether he or she will support and defend our Second Amendment rights or delegate them to the United Nations.

And we will let them know that opposition to our gun rights will put them at the top of the list of those Senators destined for defeat at their next election, because America does not need Senators who cannot summon the integrity to honor their oath of office.

We will not stop until we have solid commitments from a clear majority of Senators or until the treaty is defeated.

Right now, I need you to commit to helping us with the most generous contribution you can afford to give at this time.

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Yours truly,

Larry Pratt

Executive Director

P.S.  Our national sovereignty — as well as our gun rights — is under attack by the United Nations … and the Obama administration is all for it!  Your help is vitally needed to counter this vicious assault on liberty.