Anti-Gun Amend. And S 735

Calls Needed to Senate
Terrorism bill could become anti-gun ‘freight train’

(Monday, June 5) — The Senate will resume consideration of the anti-terrorism bill (S. 735) when it reconvenes this week. Pressure from gun owners like you has encouraged sponsors of the bill to drop some of the more egregious parts, but the bill is still not acceptable in its current form.

Even more problematic is the fact that at least sixty amendments have been filed to S. 735 — many of these amendments are extremely restrictive gun control measures. For example, the following could be offered as amendments to S. 735 (unless Majority Leader Bob Dole precludes such amendments from being offered):

* Gun free school zones, by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI);

* More funds for the BATF, by Sen. Robert Kerrey (D-NE);

* Ammunition bans, by Sen. Daniel Moynihan (D-NY);

* Expansion of the definition of “cop-killer” bullet to include ordinary ammunition, by Sen. Bill Bradley (D-NJ);

* Elimination of the DCM program, by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ);

* And other amendments by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Lautenberg restricting gun owners’ First and Second Amendment rights.

(The above are possible amendments. They have not yet been considered or voted on by the Senate.)


* Call your Senator (202-224-3121) and urge him to vote against any amendment which would limit your Second Amendment rights. Also, tell him that any anti-gun amendment — if it is attached to S. 735 — should be viewed as a poison pill making the bill completely unacceptable.

* Call Senator Dole’s office and give him the same message: any one of these amendments — should they be attached to S. 735 — is a poison pill and Sen. Dole should immediately withdraw his bill from being considered. You can reach Sen. Dole at ph: 202-224-6521. Dole’s fax number is 202-228-1245.