TN: Gov. Lee Seeks to Remove “Access to Weapons”

Dear Friend,

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has earned a new, unflattering nickname. Gov. “Lousy Lee” has earned this moniker due to his “lousy” response to the Covenant school shooting.

Instead of calling for common-sense solutions to deter school shootings such as arming willing teachers and passing real Constitutional Carry, he has presented a solution one may expect from the gun grabbers in New York or California.

Lousy Lee has essentially called for red flag gun confiscation in the Volunteer State. In his own words he says, the state needs to “remove individuals who are a threat to themselves or to our society, to remove them from access to weapons.” He further states that he seeks, “to strengthen our laws to separate those dangerous people from firearms.”

Clearly, his proposal is neither effective nor constitutional. Consider California, which has perhaps the strongest red flag law in the country, and that state still leads the country in mass shootings.

Further, gun owners know that red flag gun confiscation violates nearly every right in the Bill of Rights and does not hold to the standard set forth by the Bruen decision.

Simply put, Lousy Lee has put forth the lousiest solution possible.

However, your voice can still be heard. Please contact your legislators to resist all calls for red flag gun confiscation and to pass real Constitutional Carry.

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America