TN: Lt. Gov. McNally joins Democrats in Favor of Red Flag Law!

Tennessee Patriots, we already knew Lt. Gov. Randy McNally does not believe in true Constitutional Carry for Law-Abiding people. But this week, the Lt. Governor stated that he would support (with the anti-gun Democrats) passage of a Red Flag law in Tennessee! 

We all know that Red Flag laws are just gun confiscation without due process! This tyrannical legislation places your Right to Bear Arms in jeopardy with no proof other than a third party’s phone call. 

What raises more concern is that House Speaker Cameron Sexton did not reject the idea of a Red Flag law as a possibility.  Further, news reports indicate that Lt. Gov. McNally’s choice of Senate Judiciary Chair, Sen. Todd Gardenhire, has now called for all gun bills to be deferred until 2024, which lowers any chance of pro-gun legislation from moving in the Senate.

The Tennessean reported:  

For more than a thousand people on Thursday morning, their response to the Covenant shooting led them up the steps of the Tennessee Capitol and into its halls, where they crowded into its marble rotunda and lined the chamber galleries.

As their chants for “gun reform now” rang out, Tennessee Highway Patrol members were forced to hold open paths for lawmakers and staff to get into the House chamber, which eventually erupted in an unprecedented confrontation sparked by two freshman lawmakers urging their colleagues to address gun safety issues before returning to business as usual.

[Rep. Bob] Freeman called for “common-sense reforms” including red flag laws and background checks. Freeman addressed his Republican supermajority colleagues, who in recent years have relaxed gun laws in the state. 

Senate speaker Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, said Thursday he would support red flag laws, in addition to increasing security measures at school. House leadership would not commit to supporting or opposing gun reforms floated by their Democratic colleagues, but leadership said they would be open to discussing any options to keep Tennessee children safe.

“We’ll be happy to have everything on the table and have a conversation,” House Speaker Cameron Sexton, R-Crossville, said. 

So, please send a message and let your Legislators know that unconstitutional Red Flag proposals need to be stopped!