Taxing The Second Amendment To Death

In the wake of widespread rioting and looting, it is estimated that 5 million Americans purchased firearms for the first time this year.

But the vast majority of purchasers probably don’t realize that Congress subjected their firearm and ammunition sales to a federal “sin” tax of 10 to 11 percent.

While gun owners and organizations have become complacent with this regressive infringement, anti-gunners want to make a 10 percent tax on firearms look mild.

Gun owners must heed the words of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall: “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.”

Back in the 1990’s, United States Senator Daniel Moynihan proposed raising the ammunition tax to 10,000 percent.

The Senator realized that guns are “mostly simple machines [that] last forever,” but also estimated that Americans have “only a three-year supply of ammunition” on hand.

If he could raise individual “bullet costs [to] $5,000,” he wouldn’t need to ban or seize a single firearm to destroy the Second Amendment.

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren led recent efforts with a proposal to triple the current tax rate on firearms and quintuple the tax rate on ammunition. Another such proposal would expand the excise tax to cover bullets, primers, casings, and gunpowder individually.

Of course, while Moynihan revealed the anti-gunners end game, Warren’s tax hike represents an incremental step on the path towards the Second Amendment’s destruction.

Worse yet, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden promises to abuse the tax code to “regulate [the] possession of existing assault weapons” in the same manner as “machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles.”

Understood in context, Biden would force gun owners to pay a $200 registration tax for each offending so-called “assault weapon” or face either ten years in a federal prison or—if you’re lucky—a mere $250,000 fine.

But like all other gun controls, these proposals would target and disproportionately affect low-income and impoverished Americans to the point of prohibition.

Firearm ownership already constitutes a significant financial investment without Biden’s gun taxes or Warren’s ammunition tax.

An individual needs to spend hundreds of dollars for a firearm, holster, and expensive self-defense ammunition. A range membership and a supply of ammunition for training purposes is also highly recommended.

But that isn’t all if we consider gun ownership in our nation’s capitol. Here, the privilege of exercising “the right to keep” arms is predicated on a $125 transfer fee and a $13 registration fee (per approved, registered gun).

The right to carry or “bear arms,” however, costs an additional $75 in licensing and $35 for fingerprinting processed over the course of 90-180 days.

Oh, and don’t forget your 18 hours of mandatory classroom and range training. It’s only a few hundred dollars more!

For Washingtonians, startup costs needed to exercise their right to self-defense is more than doubled by the District’s gun control laws.

Is there a Biden-Harris plan to help minority communities exercise their constitutional rights? How does Joe Biden expect low-income Americans to defend themselves from rioters and looters under his proposal?

He doesn’t!

But don’t you dare ask him about it, or he’ll tell you, “You’re full of s**t […] No, no, shush. Shush. I support the Second Amendment.”

At least Warren was honest, admitting that her intention was “to reduce new gun and ammunition sales overall.”

Of course, her proposed ‘reduction’ would eventually make firearm and ammunition ownership cost-prohibitive for everyone but the extremely wealthy and the police (supposing they aren’t defunded).

But pay no attention. After all, nobody is coming for your guns!

2020 saw rioting, looting, anarchy, and unanswered 911 calls become the “new normal” in Blue State America.

Yet, instead of supporting policies that would empower Americans to defend themselves, Joe Biden and his anti-gun friends remain attached to their regressive unconstitutional policies.

Make no mistake: Joe Biden’s plan is to tax the Second Amendment into oblivion—leaving Americans more defenseless and vulnerable to mob-rule than ever before.

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