WY: Support the Second Amendment Protection Act in the House!

The GOA-backed Second Amendment Protection Act passed the Wyoming Senate last week and the House Judiciary Committee this week!  

Representative Mark Jennings [R] (left) and GOA’s Mark Jones (right) have worked closely with Senator Larry Hicks [R] and other members of both Chambers to Pass SF0102

This Bill, if enacted into law, would make it illegal for state and local officials to enforce or cooperate with unconstitutional Federal gun control.

Two anti-Second Amendment groups opposed the Bill in the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, but the Committee voted to move the Bill to the House Floor by a 6 to 3 margin.

The Committee also added a strengthening Amendment to ensure firearms accessories, magazines, and ammunition are protected along with firearms.


The penalties for violation of SF0102 include a $2,000 fine and up to one year in jail.  The potential of one year in jail gives this act one of the nation’s strongest penalties.

This bill has the support of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, and these Wyoming officials have made it clear they intend to defend the Second Amendment Rights of law-abiding citizens by prosecuting state or local officials who would enforce federal gun control.

Now the battle for the Wyoming Second Amendment Protection Act is moving to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Please contact your Wyoming Representative and ask him or her to vote to pass the Second Amendment Protection Act without weakening Amendments.

With your support, we are one step closer to finally having a Second Amendment Protection Act that can protect the citizens of Wyoming from an over-reaching Federal Government.

So again, please contact your Representatives and urge them to pass this legislation into law.