Final Push to Stop I-1639!

Vote “NO” on I-1639 — Get 5 Friends to Vote “NO” as well

Please make sure that you vote on Tuesday. And please get your pro-gun family members and friends to vote as well. Urge them to VOTE NO on I-1639 — and to use our Congressional Voter Guide here.


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I-1639 is Michael Bloomberg’s Wishlist

Dear Friend:

Tuesday is the big day!

Our Second Amendment rights are on the ballot, and we cannot allow anti-gunners like Michael Bloomberg get away with their lies and misinformation.

That’s why I’m urging you to take the following actions:

1) Get to the polls and vote against I-1639, while using GOA’s Congressional Scorecard as a resource to see which candidates are supporting your 2A rights.

2) Get 5 pro-gun family members and friends to vote, as well.

3) Please share this page to all your pro-gun family members and friends.

I-1639 will Criminalize Self-defense

Under I-1639, if you keep a loaded gun in your nightstand for self-defense, and something goes wrong, you would go to prison for a long time if you’re gun had not been locked up.

I-1639 would also strip young American servicemen and women of their constitutional right to own a semi-automatic rifle.

In other words, I-1639 would tell young servicemen: “Thank you for your service, but now you can forget about purchasing an AR-15 for your home defense.”

Finally, I-1639 would make it a lot more difficult for you to acquire these firearms — requiring government-prescribed training, enhanced background checks, and waiting periods.

So please get to the polls … vote against I-1639 … and urge your pro-gun family and friends to use the GOA Congressional Scorecard as they cast their ballots.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America
Twitter: @erichmpratt

PS: GOA is working at the state and federal levels to defend the Second Amendment without compromise. Would you consider chipping in $20, $30 or $50 to the fight?